Ricky Davis

Immerse yourself in my music and you’ll embark on a journey with a nomadic soul who has left his footprints all over the country! My life has been a vibrant tapestry woven across the landscapes of Minnesota, Arkansas, and Florida. The echoes of ‘Simple Land’ tell the tale of a starving artist, wrestling with habits and haunted by poor decisions. ‘Bottle Drifter’ is a testament to my musical lineage - my mother, a piano maestro, and my older brother, a band frontman and lead guitar virtuoso.

At the tender age of 11, I found my rhythm on the drums in my high school band, often sneaking into rehearsals with my brother’s band. My youth was spent in the rustic charm of Arkansas, where I nurtured my love for vocals, which didn’t truly blossom until I was around 16-17 years old. My fingers first danced on the guitar strings when I was 15. However, at 16, tragedy struck - my mother was taken from us in a car wreck in Mena, Arkansas. Our family scattered to the winds, each seeking solace in their own way. ‘Angel in my Dreams’ is a tribute to this time of my life.

I sought refuge and purpose in the Army at 17, finding myself in the picturesque locales of Denver and Colorado Springs. Stationed in Hawaii, I was introduced to a kaleidoscope of musicians, each contributing to my ever-growing understanding and love for music! After my stint in the Army, I returned to Minnesota, and then Arkansas.

In 1978, I was drawn to the sun-kissed beaches of Florida. ‘We had to Run’ - I found myself in the pulsating music scene of the Tampa Bay Area, losing count of the number of garage bands I jammed with. ‘Dream Big or go Home’ - I was primarily a vocalist. In 1980, I embarked on a cross-country odyssey from Florida, through Arizona and California, to Washington State. I was a wandering minstrel, playing and singing wherever the road took me! ‘Chasing the Highway Dreams’ - that’s a saga in itself. Eventually, I found myself back in Florida. In 1989, I moved to Hawaii where I met my future wife. By 1992, we were back in Florida, newly married, and soon relocated to Minnesota. I took an 18-year hiatus to raise our family. ‘Getting Stronger’ - I kept the music alive, playing at parties and the occasional wedding!

Fast forward to 2015! Sobriety became my new rhythm and I practiced relentlessly, my fingers strumming melodies into existence. An old microphone in my hand led me to Sweetwater, and to Chris Nunley. I sent a demo and that’s when the wheels started turning. Chris and I struck a chord, and he mastered my first EP ‘Out of the Attic’.

In 2017, I pieced together my own studio, and my first EP was born from it. I crossed paths with Bob Sandifer, a mixing/mastering maestro in Macon, Georgia. He took me under his wing, teaching me the art of mixing! Now, I mix 99% of all my music!

Our partnership is set to last as long as the music plays! I now have a repertoire of over 100 songs released on all major platforms!

In 2020, I was crowned the ISSA Awards Male Songwriter of the Year (Silver). In 2022, I won Male Single Song of the Year ‘Hero’s Dream’ (Bronze), a masterpiece penned by Jesse McAlister. In 2020, I began a creative partnership with the talented Imran Ahmed. We have 13 songs to our name. One of them, ‘Believe in you Believe in me’, was used by Lisa Lee Martin in the mini-series ‘Hunting Jessica’.

Also, in 2020, my song ‘The Proud in the Blue’ was chosen as the theme song for ‘Extreme Justice’, a police series filmed in Scotland by Bill Little.

I am the heart and soul of 95% of my music - I write, sing, and play all the instruments except drums. I continue to write and compose, with plans for more live shows in the future! The future is not just bright, it’s blazing!

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