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Album :Out of The Attic


Singles: Running in the night, Tampa bay lights are calling my name, Getting Stronger, Facebook Shuffle,Wasted, Chasing the Highway Dreams, Here your Name, Honolulu Airport, Paint your own picture, Staring into the Sun, Sometimes I Wonder, Had to Run,Fighter Jet Airplane  , Toted a Hardline, Carry My Ash , Other side of the Rainbow🤔Many more to come.

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Fly Away

Write/Sing play all instruments

Riding with the Wind

Play all instruments

Paint Your Own Picture

Wrote this song 03-26-18

Other side of the Rainbow

Always seeking that pot of gold

Getting Stronger

Wrote this song : One day the wife said you haven't wrote a song about me in awhile. While she took a nap on the sofa, this is what I came up with.

Feel The Wind Blow

Wrote this song 2001

Staring into the Sun

Wrote this song 04-14-18

Chasing the Highway Dreams

Wrote this song on the road when going out west ,from Florida to Washington State, back to Florida


Running in the Night

Wrote this song when I  lived in St Paul Mn .Two weeks after I wrote it I was back in Florida

Fighter Jet Airplane

Story about a guy that would do anything to win his girl back. Even steal a fighter jet! 

Carry my Ash

Inspired by a friend who carried a locket of ash of her husband

Tampa Bay Light Call My Name

Wrote this song 1979 when I lived in Safety Harbor FL

Honolulu Airport

  Wrote this song 10-7-17 Met my wife for the first time 1990 at the Honolulu Airport.

Somtimes I Wonder

Wrote this song 04-15-18 

Wrote/sing and play all instruments (EZ dummer 2) Song is about my older brother . he is a great guitarist ,he had 3 strokes and can  no longer play anymore.

Gotta Let Me Know

Wrote this song 1979 Largo FL

Bottle Drifter

Wrote this song 1979 Recorded 2-28-17