Comfortably Numb (cover)

Check out this great video

Loseing My Religion (cover)

Recorded Zoom Qn2 audiocam Live ,12string and beat buddy

Turn The page (cover)

When I was 16-20 years old hitchhiked all over the country, when this song came out this is the  interpretation I got from the song

When The Children Cry (cover)

Check out this great video

Cheyenne (cover)

My country side

Knockin on Heavens Door(cover)

Tribute to fallin officers

Wonderful Tonight (cover)

Recorded with a ZOOM Qn2 camcorder LIVE Studio drums

Ordinary World (cover)

Play this song with a Ricky Davis twist. Recorded with 2Qn camcorder

Cocaine (cover)

Cool Change (cover)

Recorded LIVE 01-05-18

Drink a Beer (cover)

Recorded LIVE ZOOM 2Qn camcorder


Recorded live 2Qn Camcorder

Heart Break Station

Simpleman (cover)

This one is for Mom Recorded in my Studio

ROCK STAR (cover)

Recorded LIVE with a ZOOM 2Qn Camcorder

Going to California (cover)

Recorded LIVE Zoom Q2n Camcorder

Please Come toBoston (Cover)


Purple Haze (cover)

Cover of one of my heroes